“I’m so glad that I had Julie to help me navigate building my LinkedIn profile and resume. She has an amazing talent for helping you best showcase and leverage your work experience, skills and accomplishments. She really helped me to put my best professional foot forward in front of job prospects and my peers — I highly recommend her!”

—Kelly, Marketing Manager

“Julie has an amazing talent to accurately, thoroughly and succinctly capture the essence of your accomplishments and have them jump off the page on your resume. Simply put, she is the best!”

—Tony, Director of Sales

“Julie expertly helped me tailor my resume to fit both specific jobs as well as my career goals. We reviewed each line of my resume — she keenly identified the experience that was the most impactful and captured my personality. Julie’s many years as a resume expert was a major help throughout the job hunt.”

—George, Product Manager to Sales Executive

“I recently moved to Seattle and I knew it was time to revamp my resume. Julie was instrumental in crafting my CV to something that resonated with potential employers. She turned a daunting experience into an actual enjoyable one.”

—Kara, Manager of Customer Support

“I based my resume on the template received from Career Services at school — but they didn’t help with LinkedIn profiles. Julie helped build a robust profile and showed me how to use LinkedIn, not only for job searching, but also for representing my professional brand. ”

—Katie, Recent College Grad